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Dell Latitude 14/ Vostro 3446 Sierra

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Long term usage update. The machine is working well so far. Bluetooth works with a Magic Mouse perfectly while also being able to transfer files and data to and from other devices simultaneously. However, it does not detect my iPhone for some reason while using AirDrop.


Sleep works ok. For the most part. There are two problems I've noticed. The first one is that if the screen shuts off by itself the only way to get the laptop on again is to close and re-open the lid. But there are random times when this will not work and instead only a hard reboot gets the machine going again. But this is rare.


The second problem is that sometimes shutting down the laptop it remains in what seems like a "BIOS standby"Fans running at full. Screen off. Keyboard off. system off. This happens once in a blue moon; without reason and I am not able to diagnose it at all. 


Battery life is impeccable. Between 4-7 hours depending on usage. Four normally while streaming FullHD Netflix. So all-in-all a sweet machine!


Question now is SHOULD I update to 10.12.5?

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Update - managed to get a MUCH better file for the AR9565 from this thread HERE

WiFi works like a dream. Also picks up the device as Built-In.


It's a direct drop into Airport Atheros 4 kext. So the stock IO80211Family V1 and V2 Kexts are necessary. Bluetooth works like a charm. Power stepping is perfect.

Still having sleep issues but I can live with that.


Wondering if I should update to High Sierra.

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