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Dell Latitude 14/ Vostro 3446 Sierra

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Hello! Update- I've managed to install 10.13.1 on the Hackintosh. Working perfectly on all fronts. Surprisingly sleep included. Wake from sleep also works perfectly. Updating to 10.13.2 today.


Only casualty of dysfunctional hardware is the bluetooth but i believe a fix is in the works.

Is High Sierra 10.13.3 working on this machine? I was thinking of upgrading to High Sierra. I am on 10.12.6 currently.

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Chrome is a memory hungry app. All macOS version till date tend to work fine with just 4 gigs of RAM until you plan on doing something very intensive (video editing and rendering).


Also, in my opinion replacing standard HDD with an SSD should be preferred more over a RAM upgrade.



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I do have ssd on which ,it is installed but it made swapfile on it ,now kernel_task write over 3-4gb in 2hrs ,I deleted and prevented swapfile  and now want to configure swapfile on other partition.any help would be appreciated for that .also can you help me configuring my fans ,I see its not running in Mac os 

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Hello All,


Greetings to everyone !!!


I have the same laptop specs as OP. I have Dell Vostro 3446 with A13 BIOS version and 8GB aftermarket RAM(Kingston 8GB PC3L 1600MHz Laptop RAM (KVR16LS118) to be precise) and is my daily driver and only laptop.

I am hoping to be able to run MacOSX for learning development. Although I am more than aware the risk and issues to carry this out but I am completely new to the world of hackintoshes and was not able to find any other threads on any of the hackintosh forums for my laptop.
I have already read what OP and others have posted here to be able to make his laptop hackintosh but it seems very confusing and jargon to me.


Also, I did not see anything related to NVIDIA GPU here too. If that is working on this laptop?

Could this be upgraded to Mojave(I know I am asking a lot already)?


I would be very happy to follow it all if OP or anyone else can help me understand the step by step process.


Thanks in advance!




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